As of October 1, 2022, an additional authentication in XENTRY Diagnosis via smartphone app or USB security key is required. Otherwise, you will not be able to work!



Time Credit

Important note:
As of 01/11/2022, the hardware ID of a standard PC can only be used to purchase and use a single active StartKey indepenent of the distributing OEM. To use a second XENTRY diagnostic solution, an additional standard PC with a separate hardware ID is required.

About product

XENTRY Pass Thru EU is our Mercedes-Benz truck diagnosis solution for independent workshops. The software runs on any workshop PC and commercially available Pass Thru equipment.

What does XENTRY Pass Thru EU have to offer?

XENTRY Pass Thru EU is the diagnosis software for standard PCs, made specifically for independent operators.

Your benefits at a glance:
  • Vehicle diagnosis possible using standard PCs and commercially available Pass Thru equipment (SAE J2534 standard)
  • Virtually complete diagnostics scope (from quick tests to flashing and clearing the fault memory) with the exception of technical limitations linked to Pass Thru devices of the SAE J2534 Pass Thru standard
  • For control units in Euro VI-certified commercial vehicle series
Important information:

To be able to use XENTRY diagnosis software, you need to apply for additional diagnosis user rights. A distinction is made between two types of user rights:


  • XENTRY Standard Diagnosis right (for diagnosis users without XENTRY flash authorization, for example for reading fault memories)
  • XENTRY Flash user (corresponds to the current XENTRY Flash user)

Please use one of the following options:


XENTRY Standard Diagnosis right:

Every diagnosis user must independently request the Standard Diagnosis rights via UMAS and run through the one-off identification process. It may also be necessary for the market-specific ISP support to create the user in GEMS if they do not yet have a user ID.


XENTRY Flash rights:


  • User already has Flash rights:  
    Every Flash user must independently go through the one-off identification process at   UMAS
  • User does not have Flash rights:  
    User must request XENTRY Flash rights through the market-specific channel and go through the one-off identification process at   UMAS

Once your role was assigned, you have to download the basic setup of XPTEU to generate the hardware ID. This can be downloaded via:  

To purchase the one-year license, we will need to verify that your company is working in the automotive sector. This check-up will be performed manually and can take up to several weeks.

The processing time when purchasing the time credits can exceed one day. We recommend that you buy time credits in advance to avoid waiting times.

Time credit options will be available once Daimler Truck AG service activate your yearly license shortly after the purchase. If you already have an active XPTEU license, you don’t need to purchase a new license. You can directly buy time credits using the hardware ID of your setup.

Did you already know that…?

The validity of time credits begins to expire at the start of use.

A credit unit retains its validity following the end of the diagnosis session or after having changed vehicles until it has expired. Time credit purchased in error or that is no longer required cannot be returned or refunded. Any time credit that has not been used or activated once the contract has expired cannot be refunded. However, credit is transferred if you extend the contract.

XENTRY Pass Thru EU Elements:
  • Quick test
  • Basic diagnostics (only in XENTRY Diagnosis)
  • Initial startup, teach-in process and control unit programming (“flashing”)
  • Reads the fault memory for control units in Euro VI-certified commercial vehicle series
  • Access to all commercial vehicle model series (Mercedes-Benz) certified to Euro VI standards with diagnostics via CAN.

Please note:   The following adapters can be operated:

  • Actia Passthru+ XS 2G
  • Bosch KTS 560
  • ADIS Technology EURO VCI

These adapters have been tested and must only be used with XENTRY Pass Thru. Daimler Truck AG is not liable for any other adapters

Please note:

XENTRY Pass Thru EU does not support any model series and model designations other than those specified above. If you require the full scope of diagnosis for all model series and model designations, we refer you to our standard diagnosis solution XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 4.

In general, a XENTRY Pass Thru EU contract is valid for one year and can be extended by payment of an annual fee by one year.