Remote Diagnostics Support (RDS)

About product

With RDS, you can access the latest diagnostic data of telediagnostics Mercedes-Benz trucks.  


Small – 1 vehicle-generated telediagnostic data access  

Medium – 10 vehicle-generated telediagnostic data access  

Large – 100 vehicle-generated telediagnostic data access 

Remote Diagnostic Support (RDS)

Remote error detection: With RDS, you can access the latest diagnostic data of telediagnostics Mercedes-Benz trucks. This information can be used in your own application— for example, to provide customer solutions that require vehicle diagnostics before repair. The data is available remotely, so the vehicle does not need to be on site.

Note: The vehicle-generated telediagnostic data is output via a programming interface (API), which outputs the data in JSON format. This means: The vehicle-generated telediagnosis data must be integrated into an application for use by a technician / workshop / customer / third party etc. The use of Remote Diagnostic Support (RDS) and Remote Maintenance Support (RMS) requires the end customer to use a connectivity service in conjunction with an enabled telediagnostic service. In addition, the Third-Party Interface service must be enabled. Finally, the end customer's consent to the independent operator's use-based data access is required.

Important: In order to purchase and use the product, it is required to register on Mercedes-Benz Developer Portal and to create an application. The programming interface can be accessed HERE  . In addition, the indication of a certain purpose is required that informs end customers about the use of their data. The purchase of credit in the Service-Information Mercedes-Benz Trucks Portal can only be made after this step has been completed.  It requires the entry of a 32- digit code (Project-ID) that you receive when the application is created on Mercedes-Benz Developer Portal.

A detailed documentation about the usage including user advice is available at RDS Documentation