XENTRY Operation Time (XOT)



Click here Working Hours (ASRA) to switch to the previous version (ASRA). The Damage Codes (DC formerly SSL) are currently only accessible via ASRA

About product

With XENTRY Operation Time (the successor to ASRA), you will increase the speed of your search – and the hit rate. Thanks to the intuitive operation, it has never been so easy to save on time and increase sales.

XENTRY Operation Time (XOT) sets a new standard when searching for operation items and times, based on FIN/VIN-specific search results. Enjoy the benefit of the new product design, that enables a simple and smooth work procedure in only a few screens, even on mobile devices.

Note: ASRA will remain available to all XENTRY Operation Time users until the official discontinuation.


Who benefits from XENTRY Operation Time?

Simply everyone: Service advisors, workshop forepersons, technicians, W&G managers – and our customers!


What are the benefits for you?

  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Time saving when searching
  • High accuracy, low error rate
  • Increase in sales due to optimized processes and preparation


What are the benefits for our customers?

  • Quicker information and shorter waiting times

What's new in XENTRY Operation Time?

  • FIN/VIN-specific filtering and searching for operation items No JAVA-OpenWebStart-application needed anymore
  • All information on just two screens
  • Mobile device application: Easy search process on your tablet
  • High data quality due to daily data updates
  • Integration into XENTRY Portal for the optimal linking up of the applications and information
  • Improved search functions (search for operation items by means of the fault location, WIS document number and part number)
  • Continuous product development