Workshop Information System (WIS)



Click here XENTRY Workshop Information System (XWIS) to switch to the successor version (XENTRY WIS). The Java-based application WIS is only available until 31.12.2022

About product

Benefit from Repair and Maintenance Information from a single source.

Which are the advantages of WIS?

WIS provides you with vehicle-specific repair and maintenance information, including functional descriptions as well as wiring diagrams, information on required special tools and basic data.

Constantly updated information gives you a valuable tool for managing workshop orders and executing maintenance and repair interventions to the exact manufacturer specifications.

Your Benefits at a Glance:
  • Vehicle-specific repair and maintenance information from a single source
  • Constantly updated information for optimal maintenance and repair interventions in accordance with manufacturer specifications
  • Quickly and easily generate vehicle-specific maintenance sheets
  • Independent module for determining damage codes
  • Virtually comprehensive workshop literature of all Mercedes Benz vehicles and variations, model years as well as worldwide divisions since 1985
Individual WIS Module Applications

WIS (Workshop Information System): consistently up-to-date repair and maintenance information for your workshop orders as well as for maintenance or repair services.

  • Testing and repair work
  • Maintenance and care
  • Circuit diagrams (electrical system, hydraulics, pneumatics)
  • Service information sheets
  • Measures and instructions
  • Retrospective installation and conversion
  • Test values and adjustment values as well as tightening torques
  • Filling capacities and service products regulations
  • Repair equipment and tools
  • Forms and certificates

MSS (Maintenance Service System) supports with vehicle maintenance across all divisions and production series.

SSL (damage code): Determining damage codes

WSM (WIS Service Media)

  • Videos and animations relevant to warranty and goodwill as well as FFV relating to maintenance, diagnosis and repair
  • Introductions to system descriptions
  • Information booklet for fault finding
Good to know:

You can combine ASRA with the workshop information system (WIS) for the automatic and full integration of descriptions of technical work and standards, average repair times and labour unit requirements. The application gives you full access to the information at any time.