For the commissioning, programming, and coding of theft-relevant control units (Driving Authorization System 4 / FBS 4) you will need a second factor authentication in addition to the personal login with username and password, such as:

  • Smartphone app or
  • USB security key

Please check if you can use a smartphone for authentication in your daily business routine and install an authentication app if this is the case.  

If the use of a smartphone is not allowed in your company, please obtain a USB security key from an electronics retailer or directly from a USB security key manufacturer (Important: this must support the FIDO2 standard).  

Please consider that delivery may take several weeks depending on the provider.  

To support you in setting up the multi-factor authentication, we provide a compact HelpCard for download.

For advanced help with technical issues with the application, please raise an XSF ticket or if you do not have XSF access, please email: