Periodical Technical Inspection (PTI)

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Documents for technical tests/inspections.

How to access the PTI data

The following overview contains a list of WIS document IDs corresponding to each model series. If you have a WIS time slot (access to the workshop information system), you can select and copy the WIS document ID below to view or download all related inspection documents contained in the WIS.

Model series WIS-document number
Actros 963 with Code V2B (Actros model generation 5) & Actros 963 with Code V2F (Actros model generation 5 with S/M Cab) AD00.00-W-0001F
Arocs 964 with Code V2J (model generation 5) & Arocs 946 with Code V3L AD00.00-W-0001FA
Actros 963 with Code V2A (Actros model generation 1) except code V2B AD00.00-W-0001H
Actros 964 with Code V3K (Actros model generation 1) except Code V2J AD00.00-W-0001HA
Atego 967 AD00.00-W-0001NA
Econic 956 AD00.00-W-0001NE
Unimog 405 AD00.00-G-0001UG
Unimog 437 AD00.00-G-0001UH