As of October 1, 2022, an additional authentication in XENTRY Diagnosis via smartphone app or USB security key is required. Otherwise, you will not be able to work!

Diagnosis Hardware

Correctly diagnose potential faults in your customers’ vehicles right away thanks to our diagnostic solutions – and react with targeted repairs and maintenance. Sounds good, doesn’t it? We think so, too.


Product Details

Additional information about the listed products can be accessed via:

Within the German market users may order diagnosis hardware directly via XENTRY Shop.

User must request access to XENTRY Shop separately using the following link:


Please be aware that you will receive separate login credentials once your access request has been approved.

In all other markets users must contact the local Mercedes-Benz Truck representation.


Order Here:

Please contact your local representative to purchase these products or to request further information:


European Union / United Kingdom:


XENTRY Diagnosis Kit (XScope optional)

One kit for all model series: Test the fastest and most efficient diagnostics tool from Mercedes-Benz.

XENTRY Accessories

Additional options are available with uniquely developed accessories for XENTRY Diagnosis VCI, XENTRY Diagnosis Pad 2, and XENTRY Scope

XENTRY Update Service with Retail Data Storage

Always up to date: The network storage unit loads and distributes the latest diagnostic data/software, if required, onto your XENTRY Diagnosis Kit 3 | Kit 4 diagnostic devices

XENTRY Flash (only with diagnosis kit)

Perfectly designed for initial start-up, teach-in process and control unit programming (“flashing”).