XENTRY Remote Diagnosis App (XRD)

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About product

"Power of diagnosis in your pocket": XENTRY Remote Diagnosis is the latest remote diagnosis solution for your workshop. Specially developed as a progressive web app for use on any mobile device (optimized for iOS and Android operating systems).

Your benefits at a glance:

Smart working

Our application transfers your workshop into the world of mobile devices, offering you the accessibility and flexibility of smartphones for your workshop.

Quick start

It’s easier than ever before to get to work. If you have a mobile device, you’re ready to go, getting started with diagnosis or searching for vehicle information.

More service

Preparing and scheduling for workshop visits gets easier, with the accessibility of data and information beforehand and during visits. This offers potentially quicker and more service at the same time.

How to Use XRD:
  1. To download the App simply scan this QR Code.

  2. Launch XENTRY Remote Diagnosis on your mobile device and add the app to your hom.e screen so that you can access it conveniently at any time. Please note that this step may vary depending on your operating.
  3. Purchase time credits.
  4. Start the App on the device, login and get started.

Please note that the listed functions are only possible for Mercedes-Benz vehicles with telematics capability and subsidiaries of Daimler Trucks AG. The scope of functions of XENTRY Remote Diagnosis differs depending on vehicle model.

Quick Test:

  • The Quick Test shows an overview of the status of all error codes in the vehicle. In addition, the following functions are available at individual error code level:
  • Error code description and selective error code environmental data.
  • Guided Tests: these are limited-scope tests which can be carried out with XENTRY Remote Diagnosis. In the event that the functionality of a Guided Test is not available or not sufficient, you can transfer the diagnostic session to the XENTRY Diagnosis Kit and carry out a full test.
  • Wiring diagram with option to select individual components and zoom function.
  • Quick Tests can be actively requested from the vehicle


Repair prognosis:

A repair prognosis is shown on the basis of the Quick Test result and our many years of workshop experience. This indicates probabilities for damaged parts and work required on the vehicle.

Vehicle data:

This is where important basic information about the vehicle appears.

This includes:

    • Maintenance information
    • Data capability (display of telematics status)
    • Vehicle status


  • Vehicle data card

Diagnosis protocol:

Based on the Quick Test and the functions carried out with XENTRY Remote Diagnosis, a full diagnosis protocol is generated which you can use in the form of a PDF document.