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Mercedes-Benz Trucks SERMI procedure


To execute theft relevant diagnostic processes, users must authenticate for the new Daimler Truck SERMI Role via UMAS as of 1st October 2023 and must still meet all the following known prerequisites:

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  • Valid Mercedes-Benz Trucks Standard Diagnosis Role (requestable via UMAS)

  • Valid Mercedes-Benz Trucks Flash Role (requestable via market form)

  • Confirmation of successful participation in Mercedes-Benz Trucks Flash- and FBS-eTraining for ISPs (requestable via: Truck Training Platform)



Launch Australia and New Zealand

Additional Markets Rollout: Please be informed that as of August 18th, 2023, the following new market pages are available: Australia & New Zealand



Mercedes-Benz Trucks SERMI procedure

The due date for SERMI implementation has been postponed by the European Automotive Manufacturers Association ACEA and the Independent Operators Associations to Oct. 1st, 2023, and will affect only one market (Sweden).

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Other markets will follow subsequently with gradual implementation. More details have not been communicated yet. Stay tuned for more updates or check directly on:



Mercedes-Benz Trucks SERMI procedure

Important information about the upcoming additional role in relation to SERMI, becoming effective for 3rd Parties (ISP) within the RMI Regulation as of end of July 2023, mostly known under “SERMI”.

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Regulation (EU) N° 2021/1244, Regulation (EU) N° 2018/858 and Regulation (EC) N° 692/2008, which grant standardised access to technical information whilst establishing specific provisions for access to vehicle security features


Most important facts:
  • The SERMI scheme will become operational on July 31st, 2023. Consequently, unrestricted access to security related information within Diagnostic Truck Software (only theft relevant diagnostic processes, e. g. immobiliser diagnostic will no longer be possible).

  • Specific access procedures need to be executed by independent operators (ISP) and their employees to receive access to security related Diagnostic Truck Software.

  • Go-live might vary on market level. For your market-specific go-live dates and further information thereto, please consult the most recent information on the official SERMI website:

  • For German market only: additional information is available under

  • After successful SERMI registration with the respective Conformity Assessment Body (CAB), ISPs can authenticate via UMAS for the standardised access to Mercedes-Benz Trucks security related repair and maintenance information.

Users must meet all the following prerequisites:
  • Valid Mercedes-Benz Trucks Standard Diagnosis Role (requestable via UMAS)

  • Valid Mercedes-Benz Trucks Flash Role (requestable via market form)

  • Confirmation of successful participation in Mercedes-Benz Trucks Flash- and FBS-training for ISPs (requestable via Truck Training Platform)



!!Important!! XENTRY Diagnosis Hardware with mixed Startkeys - action required until May 31st, 2023!

Important Information for the usage of Mercedes-Benz XENTRY Diagnosis Hardware with Mixed Startkeys (Daimler Truck and Mercedes-Benz data packages).

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Startkeys expiring within 2023 will be automatically extended until the planned due date December 31st, 2023. There is no further action required. For technical reasons mixed Startkeys are no longer available as of January 2024. Either a Daimler Truck or a Mercedes-Benz Start Key needs to be chosen:


Customers selecting a Daimler Truck Start Key:
  • Please inform Mercedes-Benz AG until the latest May 2023 (via XSF or email by naming your system number and stating that you wish not to use a Mercedes-Benz Startkey.

  • The Daimler Truck Startkey will need to be ordered at Daimler Truck AG directly. You will receive an update regarding the ordering process.

  • You will keep your current rental device until the end of the recommended period of use of 42 months, but at most until the end of 2025. Rental devices will be returned to the current hardware contract partner, Mercedes-Benz AG until the end of 2025. As of January 2024, the new Daimler Truck software will be installed remotely on your devices.

Customers selecting a Mercedes-Benz Start Key:
  • In this case no further action is required.
  • The Daimler Truck Startkey will be deleted on your device accordingly.

*Further detailed information on new Daimler Truck diagnosis devices with a runtime starting January 2024 will be communicated in due time



Sundown XENTRY Parts App & XENTRY TIPS App

Please note, that the following products will no longer be available starting 2024:

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  • XENTRY Parts Mobile App
  • XENTRY Tips Mobile App

The purchase and use of these two mobile apps will no longer be possible as of 1st of January 2024. Therefore, we are already adapting the purchase options within the Service Information Mercedes-Benz Trucks portal.




Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

In addition to the personal login with user name and password, a second authentication factor will be required to carry out critical diagnostic activities.

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Para la puesta en servicio, programación y codificación de unidades de control relevantes para evitar robos (Driving Authorization System 4 / FBS 4), además del inicio de sesión personal con nombre de usuario y contraseña, necesitará una segunda autenticación como, por ejemplo:

  • aplicación para smartphone o
  • clave de seguridad USB

Compruebe si puede utilizar un smartphone para la autenticación en su rutina empresarial diaria e instale una aplicación de autenticación, si es el caso.  

Si el uso de un smartphone no está permitido en su empresa, obtenga una clave de seguridad USB de un distribuidor de productos electrónicos o directamente de un clave de seguridad USB fabricante (importante: debe ser compatible con el estándar FIDO2).  

Tenga en cuenta que el suministro puede tardar varias semanas en función del proveedor.  

Para ayudarle a configurar la autenticación multifactor, le ofrecemos una tarjeta de ayuda compacta que puede descargar.Tarjeta de ayuda

Para obtener asistencia técnica avanzada con la aplicación, cree un ticket XSF o, si no tiene acceso a XSF, envíe un correo electrónico a: